State of the Yuba- A Synthesis of Current Information

This assessment is guided by specific questions for which relevant data and documents are presented.  Initial questions reflect the scope of information in Yuba Shed.  Both the list of questions and the answers will develop and as more information becomes available and included.  Comments on these pages are welcome, especially those constructive toward a more complete and objective assessment.

1. What water quality problems are evident in the Yuba River and tributaries?

2. Is it safe to swim in the Yuba River?

3. How has the legacy of mining impacted the Yuba River watershed?

4.*How do dams and diversions impact the Yuba River watershed?

5. What is the current distribution of aquatic invasive species in the watershed?

6.*What native aquatic species have declined or been extirpated?

7.*How can habitats be restored or protected for the benefit of species of concern?

* These pages have not yet been constructed.  For some relevant discussion, see associated pages in the A 21st Century Assessment of the Yuba River Watershed.



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